Ron Haas builds Perspections using Color Pencil on Paper. 


     A Perspection merges Perception and Perspective to form a paradoxical way of looking at the world around and within us. A Perspection is an image that leads to a contradiction or situation which seems to defy logic or intuition. Although these creations can not actually be built in three dimensions, Perspections blur the boundaries between Mathematics, Psychology, Spirituality and Art. Perspections relay the sense that life and living can sometimes be.  

     Ron was born in, and is a life-long resident of Rochester, NY.  He is the son of a family of artists. From his early childhood years, Ron has always been interested in the merging of Technical Drawing and Art.  Since Technical Drawing is essential for communicating how things work and look in industry and engineering, Ron was interested in communicating how things can not work in reality. 

  His work is shown in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.  He has won numerous awards in local, national and international art shows. 



Cooling ProblemCooling Problem